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2October 17, 2008
4 Bugfix: TightURL was failing to screen out forbidden extensions such as .exe
5 All users should upgrade to restore this important functionality.
7Feature: It is possible, if not necessarily advisable, to activate Policy Ban
8 URLs. ex: http://example.com/?ban=abc
9 This will mark the TightURL http://example.com/abc as banned for
10 violating your site's policy/Terms of Service. This feature is
11 activated by setting $pbi in tighturl.config.inc.php and is intended
12 only to allow administrators a fast and easy way to disable URLs in
13 the database. This feature will be secured in a following release
14 against misuse.
17September 13, 2008
19 Change: A modification has been made to the URL resolver routine to increase
20 PHP version compatibility.
21 Change: Having discovered a new class of Internet abuse, a Pay-To-Click (PTC)
22 blacklist has been added.
23 Change: Missing blacklist handling is more robust in case any are compltely
24 removed.
25 Change: Upgraded to Bad Behavior 2.0.23, which still generates one warning
26 corrected in the version distributed with TightURL.
29July 26, 2008
31 Bugfix: Some incorrect information in UPGRADING that referred to some work
32 in progress on the upcoming major release has been removed and
33 replaced with the correct information.
34 Change: A modification has been made to the URI blacklist lookups to try and
35 work around DNS setups that deliberately falsify returned information
36 when the true response is NXDOMAIN.
39July 24, 2008
41 Bugfix: Some late night last minute packaging errors resulted in an error
42 in the default local blacklist file. This has been corrected.
43 Bugfix: Another slip-up due to the late hour, the installer script creates
44 a database which begins issuing redirection URLs in the ten-thousands
45 instead of zero. This has been corrected.
47v 0.1.3
48July 24, 2008
50Feature: Optional full Bad Behavior integration into TightURL front-end!
51 http://www.bad-behavior.ioerror.us/
52Feature: Option to require submitted URLs to exist.
53Feature: Resolves all submitted HTTP URLs to the end up to 10 redirects.
54 Bugfix: Strip tags embedded within <title> tags in tighturl.tmpl .
55Feature: New templates for blacklisted URLs, URLs that violate site policy,
56 URLs disabled due to complaints, Greylisted URLs, and previews.
57Feature: tighturl-install.php preliminary web-based installer and
58 upgrade script. Presently allows for either the initial creation of
59 the tables TightURL uses, or upgrades an existing 0.1.2 or earlier
60 database to the current schema.
61Feature: tighturl-killbot shell script partly developed to cut off service to
62 abused URLs. An attempt will be made to piggyback maintenance tasks
63 on top of service requests.
64Feature: TightURL now updates the fields status, lasthit, hits, adddate, addip.
65 These fields were added as necessary for the anti-abuse
66 system. There is no intent to add an ability to view this data
67 for its own sake, however it may later be displayed as part the
68 anti-abuse information in previews.
69Feature: Updatable urlpatterns, two-level domains pattern, redirector patterns.
70 rejecting URIs of other known redirectors.
71Feature: Blacklist domains to refuse to create TightURLs for.
72Feature: TightURL does not accept links to itself; TightURL allows an domain
73 alias to be configured for this purpose. Both the main site and the
74 alias will be recognized with or without a preceeding "www." .
75Feature: Attempt to stop use of TightURL as an obfuscation service by
76 linking to other redirectors.
77Feature: TightURL no longer accepts URLs it can't shorten.
78 Change: TightURL now returns 301 redirects instead of 302
79Feature: Blacklist Windows executables and other file extensions.
80 Change: TightURL no longer contains any OS-specific code, thus Windows
81 support should be transparent now. Reports about TightURL working or
82 not under Windows, BSD, or OS X would be appreciated.
83 Change: Replaced chkdnsrr with gethostbyname, which should work on
84 non-Unix operating systems without a replacement function.
85 Bugfix: URIBL check was slow and worse did not work. Now works and not slow.
86 BugFix: TightURL now accepts the nasty URLs Yahoo uses.
87 Bugfix: Was truncating URLs longer than 256 characters.
88 New limit on URLs is 2083 characters
89 Bugfix: Inconsistency between config.inc.php and tighturl.sql
90 (closes SF bug 1161870)
91 Bugfix: Fix PHP warnings for defined constants. (closes SF bug 1161874)
93v 0.1.2
94December 3, 2004
96 Bugfix: @ was not considered valid in URLs and should be.
97 Bugfix: Local text about running an experimental service removed from main template.
98 Bugfix: Main template link to TightURL changed from /sourcecode to /project.
99Feature: Reserved IDs, and Regexes moved into tighturl.config.inc.php
100Feature: sample config file and sample templates moved to ./local directory
101Feature: Supports validation of IPv6 URLs. (not supported for URIBL lookups)
103v 0.1.1
104December 2, 2004
106 Bugfix: Bad tighturl.sql file fixed
107 Bugfix: Empty database issue fixed.
109v 0.1
110December 2, 2004
112Initial Alpha release.

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