Development and the demise of the “404 Method” in TightURL

Work on TightURL springs partly from a general burst of maintenance and development going on in my life right now.  Related in a minor way to the work on TightURL, I’ve been doing some equally long delayed work on my own blocklisting infrastructure.

Work on this code revealed a pretty bad bug in either Apache or PHP.  Which one seems more likely to you?  Yeah, let’s just call it a PHP bug and save ourselves the time.  The bug is that PHP isn’t returning a proper $_REQUEST, $_GET, or $_POST reliably when using the “404 method” whereby our script intercepts the 404 error, and then takes action and changes the code as appropriate.

While I could probably work around this the same way you work around PHP’s failure to present $_PUT, it seems like a good time to retire the venerable “404 method” in TightURL, since the functionality it relies upon is apparently not well tested or used.

To use TightURL with similar functionality (“pretty URLs”) going forward, you’ll need to do URL rewriting  or aliasing or script aliasing in your web server.

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