Anti-abuse progress/plugins

Since last update, I’ve been working on the anti-abuse system in TightURL.  Or more accurately, stripping it out of TightURL, and then adding it back in as plugins.

As a result of this kind of work, I’ve also started adding some additional anti-abuse plugins.  Keeping in mind that I may drop some (if they’re not effective) and add others, for now, the list of anti-abuse plugins looks like this:

  • Bad Behavior
  • AHBL
  • Google Safe Browsing

The DNS-based blocklist plugins (SURBL, URIBL, AHBL, are in fact all the same plugin template with different configuration settings.  The functionality that actually checks DNS-based blocklists remains internal to TightURL, making it simple to add new DNS-based blocklisting services to TightURL by copying the plugin template and changing a few settings at the top.

Bad Behavior has been part of TightURL for a long time, but the Google Safe Browsing service is a new addition to our anti-abuse arsenal.   You’ll need an API key for each of these plugins to get the most out of them (Bad Behavior benefits from a Http:BL key).

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