URIBLs [updated]

Haven’t done much since I last updated here.  Sat down to look at the code though, and I’ve pretty well decided how URIBLs will be handled going forward.

I had said here a few dsays ago that you’d be able to add new URIBLs via config file changes.  Upon reflection, this isn’t workable for me, and it would have been bad for site admins.

URI blocklists all pretty much follow the same general technical rules.  The primary difference is the list of domains where you’re supposed to check the domain name at a finer-grained level, and whether or not you should check IP address domains in URLs.  Note the emphasis.  Blocklist operators have a long history of violating Wil Wheaton’s Law when they shut down, and some violate it as a matter of standard operating procedure.  So it’s important when you add a new URI blocklist, that you know whether or not to check IP address domains, and account for that when you use that list.

To make it easy to add new URIBLs to TightURL, I’m going to provide a plugin template that site admins will be able to edit and then activate.  Rather than being a model for how templates should be written this template will be designed to be easy to edit for the purpose of adding new URIBLs.

I’m also adding a special hook for URIBLs, to minimize the amount of code required in the plugin, since URIBL checks can be sufficiently abstracted.

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