I’m still ripping the anti-abuse code to shreds and putting it back together again, over and over.  Eventually when I get it right and done, it’s going to represent a lot of work, and it’s going to be built upon the production version of TightURL, not the “new” version.

What this ends up meaning is I know there are several or more people waiting for an update for various reasons.  I also know these aren’t the changes they’ve been waiting for either.  But these are the changes I’ve been forced to implement first, and I feel it’s important to offer them to all the users of the TightURL source code.

So there will be another release of the production version (the copy running at series of TightURL.  I’ll have to write some crude admin pages to update various things in the database that are now being stored in the database instead of .php files, but I think this is the right thing to do.

After that however, I’m going to return focus to the “new” version, because that too, contains a lot of features/changes that I think it’s important for people to have, and it really is very difficult for me to do development on two different versions at the same time.

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