Too Effective

The enhanced (database-based) blocklisting functionality I installed prior to my move and short trip out of town turns out to have pretty much blocked all of my regular users.  Or so I think.  Maybe.

So now I’m adding an audit log.   The need for this became apparent during initial development, but again, necessity forced it into being.

It’s apparent that the blocklisting is going to take up my next available block of time, but it’s important to get that done, and done correctly.

It’s also important to stress again, that running a public URL shortener requires constant monitoring.  I’m trying to make it so that it’s as small a time commitment as possible, but if you want to run a URL shortener that accepts new URLs from the public you have to be reachable by e-mail most of the day, every single day, in case your URL shortener or your abuse address or your upstream provider needs to tell you something.

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