I have moved (again).  This is very disruptive, and thus I haven’t done a lick of work on TightURL since.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything before I moved though.  I have finally gotten into the thick of things as far as moving the blocklist data out of PHP and into MySQL is concerned.  As is so often the case with TightURL, abuse taking place over at required immediate action, and thus the beginnings of the new, much more sophisticated blocklisting system were laid down in the production version.  Unfortunately that also means replicating that code in the “new” version and the “next” (based on the production code) version.  I’ve got it into the “new” version, but not yet into “next”.

At this time, I have no UI for the black and white listing functionality.  I will get that into the “new” version.  Whether or not it gets into the “next” version is an open question right now.

Bad Behavior 2.2.3

Anyone who upgraded their Bad Behavior using the updated Bad Behavior for TightURL connector should *NOT* upgrade to Bad Behavior 2.2.3 .  Unfortunately 2.2.3 contains a very rare API change that I will have to make in the connector before you can upgrade.  I’ll announce it when this is ready.

UPDATE: I read the update notice for Bad Behavior a little too quickly.  You can continue upgrading Bad Behavior.


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