Squisher Engines

The coming plugin system will finally allow for a long-planned feature.  Custom URL “shorteners”, which I’ve been calling squisher engines, or just squishers.

For example, one user requested the ability to generate easily remembered URLs based on common words.  This will be able to be implemented as a squisher engine plugin, and installed into your TightURL installation.

As a result of this new feature, TightURL will also support allowing the user to choose the squisher to be used.  Site administrators will be able to choose one or more squishers to allow users to choose from.

Site admins who know some PHP (or hire someone who does) can easily create new squisher engines without extensive study or modification of the TightURL code.  Squisher engines receive the URL, submitter’s IP and submitter’s User-Agent, and they return either a shortened URL or an error code.

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