Progress Report

I’ve done some work in both the future major release, and in the production version.  The next version released will be known as, it will be based on the version that runs at, and I am going to add some new functionality before release.  I don’t think it will take me too long.

The problem I want to solve, is that right now you have to edit one of the config files full of regexes to blacklist a site.  From time to time I make an error there that ends up disabling the service, and users disappear.  There are some other concerns, but the main thing is, you shouldn’t be editing files all the time.  I need to validate the regexes, but most importantly, I need to store that data in the database, and once I’m doing that, the “killbot” will also be able to blacklist the domains hosting the links it disables.  I’ll have to give you a way to enter and remove things from a password-protected web page too.

I think this is important enough to hold the release for.  I’m trying to work on TightURL at least an hour every day for now.

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