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I recently added the Spamhaus DBL to TightURL’s blocklist checking code.  Shortly after, I discovered is on the DBL.  We’ve at about day 17, and at least a half dozen inquiries gone unanswered.

This will affect deliverability of the support and developer’s mailing lists.  Most importantly, it reflects poorly on Spamhaus that it is run in such an irresponsible manner.  The fight against abuse is taken far more seriously by me, the sole developer of TightURL than it is by Spamhaus, a business that takes in money and whose data is relied upon by so many.

I have been setting up my “new” development system.  I’m going back to developing TightURL under Linux.  I can’t say that there’s been any compatibility issues that came up while I was developing under Windows, so it is likely that TightURL will continue to be compatible with WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stacks.

EDIT: 24 days, no response from Spamhaus.  Apparently the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

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