Work In Progress

Just to update those who are interested in this sort of thing…

Work continues on a new release.  This will be a major release that incorporates a number of things that needed to be done.  How many of these things get done remains to be seen, but I’m trying not to get bogged down with too many things being done at the same time.  So far, the changes of note and work under active development are:

  • PHP 5.0 now required
  • Black/White listing moved to the database
  • Cron-like task scheduling and execution
    • Scheduled new additions report
    • Scheduled anti-abuse detector
  • Abuse mail processing script

Things likely to be included:

  • TightURL Library
  • Localization
  • New release and security notifications

Things that would be nice but aren’t yet likely to be in the next release:

  • Improved templating
  • Improved API

Input from users of both and the TightURL source code is welcome.  The TightURL Library is an attempt to separate the front-end of TightURL from the back-end, making it easier to create your own URL shortening front-ends that use TightURL’s library to shorten URLs, handle abuse, etc.

I know many of you are interested in an improved API, but so far I haven’t found a simple way to do this or any way to do it that doesn’t require me to shoehorn TightURL into some framework that’s many times the size of TightURL’s code itself.  I’m still hoping to figure out a simple way to add a REST API.

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3 Responses to Work In Progress

  1. Josh says:

    lemme get that for you?

    page1 of the google search results show several promising choices. The myspace API codebase, for instance — small footprint.

    • ron says:

      I was looking again last night at these, and I remain struck by how nearly all these heavy, application dominating API codebases (and that’s nearly all of them) bill themselves as lightweight.  I feel like it’s the e-mail thing all over again only much much worse, and unlike the e-mail issue, I don’t understand why anyone would want to use Recess, or Tonic, or any of these things unless you were starting something new from scratch.

      That said, the issue is really about time and priorities.  I went through a period of skepticism about an API since it’s biggest fans were spammers (surprise?).  But at this point I accept it needs to happen, but I’ve never made any headway in the time available to work on it.  Most of the time I work on it ends up being emergency alterations to the anti-abuse code.

      Oh, and that MySpace thing is client-side code.  I’m not planning on writing any API clients, that’s everyone else’s problem. 😉

  2. Dave Chin says:

    Looking forward to a new release.

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