Cron Again and Hopefully Lastly

Although I’ve got an awful lot of other things in my life that I have to take care of, admittedly much of the latest delay is due to getting a little thrown off TightURL development by the discovery that I’d sank so much time into a non-working PHP cron system I found in Google.  I can report now though that I’ve replaced the broken code with something that works correctly, and it passes tests.

I’m back to the point now where I was when I discovered the other code didn’t work.  That means a little integration work and a little testing of the job processor, and I can finally get away from a major, if necessary, distraction.

The next thing I have to get back to work on is the blacklisting system.  It’s been half-written since January, when I realized I was going to need the cron system for the blacklisting system, and stopped the blacklisting system development to quickly (ha ha ha) bang out the cron code.

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