More pseudocron, less pseudo-cron

Well, Pseudo-cron does not work correctly.  At least not with PHP 5, if it ever worked correctly.  It’s a shame I didn’t notice this in earlier testing, but I also can’t figure out how that code is supposed to work in the first place.  So I’m ripping pseudo-cron out, and will resume writing my own as the whole point of using pseudo-cron was for the sake of using the scheduler contained within.  Which seems to be horribly broken.  *sigh* It really annoys me that it took me so long to notice.  I can’t and won’t complain that there’s a bug or bugs in Pseudo-cron since I’m sure there’s bugs in TightURL too.  I can and will kick myself for a while though, that I spent a month working with code I didn’t check carefully enough to see if it worked correctly.

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