Job scheduling in TightURL

After initially rejecting it, I am now adapting and possibly in the process of re-writing pseudocron to be run by the TightURL maintenance task scheduler.  This will let me use my own code as the “master scheduler”, but whose only task is to decide when to run the modified pseudocron subsystem.

The pseudocron system will be responsible for running the anti-abuse tasks and any reports.

I hope this will all be efficient enough.

UPDATE: This has proved to be more time consuming than I anticipated, since converting the script to use a database has required me to understand how it works in much more detail than I would have liked.  Still, I think it was the right decision since I will be able to let users have more fine-grained control over when their jobs (reports mostly) run.

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  1. Miles Ackah says:

    I have been in the same situation before. It is not as easy an answer as you think it is, its something that you will have to write out for yourself over time.

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