And then there was WordPress

Well, I’ve given up on Pivot after only two posts.   I’m not going to say it’s because there’s anything wrong with Pivot, it’s just that WordPress is what I know, I’ve been running it since when it was known as b2, and I was just spending too much time trying to figure out how to do things.

Now that I’ve talked more about my devblog software in the devblog than TightURL, I hope this will be a bit better updated now.

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  1. Ak says:

    Do you have any plugin that I can use ‘ tighturl ‘ with wordpress? Actually there are many plugins for different URL shortening services . But I have found 6 Plugins as useful out of 10 + URL shortening plugins with latest version of WP .

    Out which ….A)2 plugins only for
    ….B)2 Plugins to use own domain directly with out needing any Third party URL shortener service
    ….C)2 plugins for yourls . one plugin by Ozh (we can use bitly and too) allow us to shorten URLs and the other allow us to run shotening service on the wordpress based site itself .

    A) I can’t use as I need to use my own hosted solution
    B) I can’t use ‘ Shoten with self-domain ‘ plugins as they are not function-able with multi-site installation as expected
    C) I like yourls and working well. The plugin is more advaced when compared to other shortener plugins even’s popular plugin.

    I want to give a try to…’ tighturl ‘ for better support and features.  Could you tell me if the plugin is available in near future ?


  2. ron says:

    I haven’t written a WordPress plugin, I’m not entirely sure why you’d need one for a blog… but I could take a look at some of the existing ones, I’m sure it would be easy enough to adapt one to work with TightURL.  TightURL works the same way TinyURL does.

  3. AK says:

    >I’m not entirely sure why you’d need one for a blog…

    I will try to explain

    Several bloggers are utilizing ” Auto updates ” feature which would update the social networks with the latest blog posts. They need to shorten the URL for convenience to share the links easily

    Thanks !

    • ron says:

      Outside of Twitter, people would be much better off not shortening URLs for use on the web.  HTML is a URL shortener.  I can see how it might be useful to Tweet a blog post to one’s Twitter/ though.  You can pretty much tell when there’s URL shortening abuse going on by people shortening URLs where there’s no reason to shorten them.

  4. AK says:

    Here we go …I wonder …the addon pop-up’s’s logo on every link related to ‘ ‘




    It is not a bug. I have’s addon installed on my FireFox’s browser. When mouse over on any link related to ‘ ‘ domain,’s addon is raising a pop up image. Usually that pop up logo will only appears for or other URLs depended on it.

    I am just willing to get it to your notice as I wonder about it

    Thanks !

    • ron says:

      Where I come from, if it looks like a bug and acts like a bug, it’s a bug.  Since I’m not, it’s a bug.

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