Nightly Tarballs

At least one user noticed long ago, that I stopped publishing nightly tarballs. As of a couple of years ago, I realized that it was increasingly unlikely that I’d ever release the “development version” of TightURL found at  Over time, for various reasons, I’ve grown less happy with the direction that version of TightURL has taken and all subsequent releases of TightURL as well as the version running on have been continuations of the original TightURL code rather than the version in /testing.

As of now, I’m working on version 0.1.4, which is slated to contain certain functionality (mostly enhancements to the anti-abuse system and support code for the anti-abuse system) that I feel is necessary for all TightURL installations.  Once this has been released however, I intend to begin another development branch, most likely in OO PHP and as a result, will contain a lot of re-written code.  I have learned at this point now to make any promises about new releases or dates of new releases, but users should know that TightURL remains under “active” development, modified out of necessary as time goes on, in addition to adding new features and functionality.

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